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Your guide to master Eskuad and increase your team's productivity

    Report templates

    A template is essential for aggregating data, report creation, granting control for official reports, government forms, and periodic data reviews.

    Datasources: the basics

    Use data sources to streamline form creation and manage item lists for single and multiple-choice fields. Simplify the process and ensure consistency.

    Tasks: the basics

    Learn how to manage tasks in Eskuad efficiently, assign deadlines, and track progress. Boost your team's productivity with streamlined workflows.

    Completed forms

    Ensure the safety and accessibility of your completed forms with Eskuad. Easily manage and view your forms and receive email reports. Your data is...


    Filling out a form in Eskuad

    Learn how to fill out forms in Eskuad using the mobile app. Follow these steps to complete and submit forms efficiently in the field. Boost your...

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