Form Creation in Eskuad: A Step-by-Step Guide to get the best value

Learn how to create, edit, and manage forms efficiently in Eskuad. Simplify form-building and data-collection processes effortlessly, Eskuad field forms.

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  1. Accessing the Form Builder: To create a form, start by navigating to the form builder. You can do this by going to the forms menu and clicking the "Create New +" button.


  2. Form Builder Overview: Once you're in the form builder, you'll notice two key elements. On the right side, there are buttons to add various fields to your form.


  3. Form Settings: At the top, you'll find form settings, which include the form's name. It's a good practice to begin by giving your form a name.

  4. Selecting Field Types: There's a wide range of field types to choose from. You can find descriptions for each field type and their recommended uses in this link

  5. Adding Fields: When you click one of the field buttons on the right, it will appear in the form builder. You can then provide it with a title and an optional description. Both the title and description will be visible when someone fills out the form using the mobile app. Think of the title as the main piece of information, and the description as additional context for the person filling out the form.

  6. Review and Save: After you've added all the necessary fields, review your form to ensure it looks the way you want it to. Then, click "Save." This action will return you to the forms menu, where you can see all the forms you've created.

  7. Editing Forms: If you wish to edit a form, simply click the pen icon in the form table. This will take you back to the form builder, where you can make any necessary changes.


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