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    Reportes básicos

    Acceder a formularios completados y generar reportes es un proceso directo. Aquí te mostramos como visualizar y manejar formularios completados.

    Cyclical/approval workflows

    Implementing a cyclical workflow involves integrating approval stages and periodic workflow reviews, creating an iterative process.


    Making a linear workflow

    Learn how to create linear workflows in Eskuad to automate sequential processes and enhance efficiency in your field operations. Step-by-step...

    Downloading a report

    Learn how to easily download reports in Eskuad using templates for structured data retrieval with step-by-step instructions.

    Customized report templates

    Create customized report templates in Eskuad—aggregate data from multiple forms into a single, organized report for easier analysis and presentation.

    Database templates

    Streamline reports by creating database templates in Eskuad. This guide provides the information you need to quickly generate customized reports.

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