Optimizing Team Management with Eskuad's Squad Feature. Organize teams

Learn how to create and manage squads in Eskuad, keeping teams separated and ensuring access to specific forms, tasks, and reports. Streamline operations.

Squads in Eskuad provide a way to compartmentalize your teams, ensuring that members of a squad have access only to the specific forms, tasks, and reports assigned to that squad. Here's how to create and manage squads effectively:

Creating a Squad

  • Access Squad Management: Start by clicking on "People" in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Navigate to Squads: Once in the People section, click on the "Squads" tab located at the top of the screen.
  • Create New Squad: Click the "Create New" button to initiate the process of creating a new squad.
  • Configure Squad: In the squad creation window, add the members, forms, and reports you want this particular group of people to have access to.
  • Save: Once you've configured the squad to your satisfaction, click the "Save" button to create and save the squad.

Multiple Squads and Form Access

  • If you assign a form to multiple squads, members in those different squads will have access to the data from that completed form.
  • If you wish to change this access for specific forms, you can manage it either in the form builder or on the forms table.

Squads provide a valuable means of organizing and segmenting your teams, making it easier to manage permissions and access to data. This feature is particularly useful when you have different teams within your organization that require separate data access and tasks.

If you have any specific questions about using squads or need further guidance on managing teams effectively in Eskuad, please feel free to ask. We're here to assist you in optimizing your team structure and data management.

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