Understanding Roles in Eskuad: Structuring Your Team Efficiently

Understanding roles in Eskuad is essential for effective team structuring. Learn about permissions for Super Admins, Admins, Squad Leaders, and Members.

Understanding Roles in Eskuad: Structuring Your Team Effectively.

Roles in Eskuad determine the level of access and permissions each member of your organization has. It's crucial to understand the permissions associated with each role to structure your team correctly. Here's an overview of the roles and their permissions:

Super Admin

  • Permissions: A Super Admin has the highest level of permissions. They can access and modify all settings within the organization.
  • Special Privilege: The Super Admin is the person who created the organization and has the unique ability to delete the organization if needed.


  • Permissions: Admins have nearly all the same permissions as Super Admins, with the exception of the ability to change billing or delete the organization.
  • Responsibilities: Admins are responsible for managing various aspects of the organization but do not have control over billing or organization deletion.

Squad Leader

  • Permissions: Squad Leaders are similar to Admins but are limited to the squad they belong to. They have authority over their specific squad's activities.
  • Role within Squads: Squad Leaders are typically in charge of managing tasks, forms, and reports for their assigned squad.


  • Permissions: Organization Members have limited permissions compared to Super Admins, Admins, or Squad Leaders. They can view and fill out forms and tasks and access the forms they have completed.
  • Squad Limitations: When a Member is part of a squad, their access is restricted to the forms, tasks, and reports assigned to that particular squad.

Understanding these roles and their associated permissions is crucial for effective team management and data access control within your organization. It allows you to ensure that each team member has the appropriate level of access and responsibilities based on their role and responsibilities.

If you have any specific questions about roles or need guidance on structuring your team effectively in Eskuad, please feel free to ask. We're here to assist you in optimizing your team's configuration.

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