Filling out a form in Eskuad

Learn how to fill out forms in Eskuad using the mobile app. Follow these steps to complete and submit forms efficiently in the field. Boost your field ops!

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To complete a form in Eskuad, you'll need to use our mobile app. Our app is specifically designed for field use, making it simple and user-friendly.

Step 1: Get the Mobile App
If you don't have the mobile app yet, you can easily download it. Check out this article for download links [Link to Invitations/New Article on Mobile App].

Step 2: Access Forms Library
Once you open the mobile app, you'll land in the Forms Library. This menu contains all the forms available for you to complete and submit. If you can't find the forms you're looking for, you might need to switch organizations. Learn how to do this [Link to Organizations Article].

Step 3: Locate Your Form
To find a specific form, you can:
- Use the Sort button to organize forms.
- Utilize the search bar to quickly locate the form you need. 


Step 4: Fill Out the Form
Once you find the form you're looking for, simply tap on it to open. You can begin filling it out right away. If you need to leave the form without completing it, you can navigate away using the back arrow at the top of the screen. Your progress will automatically be saved as a draft, and you can give it a name. You'll find your drafts under the "Drafts" tab at the top of the Forms menu.

Step 5: Review and Submit
After completing the form, review the information to ensure accuracy. When everything looks correct, tap "Send" at the top of the screen. 


That's it! No need to worry about syncing. If you're out of range or without an internet connection, the app will automatically sync your data in the background. Once the process is complete, you can review your form on the web application.

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