Report templates

A template is essential for aggregating data, report creation, granting control for official reports, government forms, and periodic data reviews.

Report Templates in Eskuad: Aggregating Your Data.

In Eskuad, report templates empower you to efficiently aggregate and present your data. These templates offer control and customization for various reporting needs, such as official reports, government forms, and data reviews. Here's an overview of the two types of report templates:

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Database Templates

  • Use Case: Database templates are designed for cases where you want to generate a report from a single form, but you need flexibility in formatting the resulting spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for official reports, where the presentation matters.
  • Template Structure: A database template typically involves one form, and it allows you to format the resulting spreadsheet according to your specific requirements. You can customize the spreadsheet layout and design. It will populate information from each field into columns of the spreadsheet.
  • Existing Spreadsheet: You can even use an existing spreadsheet as a template, saving time on formatting.

Customized Templates

  • Use Case: Customized templates are more versatile and ideal when you need to aggregate data from multiple forms. They offer greater flexibility and control over how your report is structured.
  • Template Structure: With customized templates, you can aggregate data from multiple forms. This flexibility allows you not only to choose columns but also rows and individual cells to populate. This level of customization is particularly valuable when your reporting requirements involve data from various sources.
  • Formatting: Like with database templates, you can use an existing spreadsheet for formatting if needed.

These report templates provide the means to generate organized and tailored reports, making it easier to analyze and present your data for different purposes. Whether you need to work with a single form or aggregate data from multiple sources, Eskuad's report templates offer the control and flexibility you need.

If you have any specific questions about creating or using report templates in Eskuad or require further guidance, please feel free to ask. We're here to assist you in optimizing your data reporting processes.

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