Eskuad Insights: Empowering Your Field Operations

Build mobile forms and workflows that work in any field condition

Getting started with an invitation

Learn how to start with an invitation to join an organization in Eskuad, create a password, change organizations, and access the mobile app. It is...


Eskuad Announces $1.65M Pre-seed Funding

Eskuad, a mobile field data startup, announced it had raised a $1.65M pre-seed round to continue digitally transforming field worker experiences...


Manual 5 - Data sources

Upload and use a database in Eskuad's panel, making form creation faster and easier. Upload databases and use them in the field to streamline...

Manual 3 - Create a Form

Learn how to create and customize Eskuad forms with this manual. Easily add fields, select geolocation, and organize your forms for data collection.


Manual 4 - Create Reports/Report Builder

Learn how to create customized reports in Eskuad App with this step-by-step guide. Easily organize and analyze data for better decision-making.

Manual 2 - Invite users

Learn how to invite users to Eskuad and empower your team collaboration. Easily send invitations, create accounts, and access essential features.


The one who joined for a big adventure

Donald founded two companies and worked in banks, airlines, and worldwide TV enterprises. Besides everything he did and does, he is super friendly.

Google funds and supports Eskuad

Google for Startups Latino Founders Fund selects Eskuad as one of the 50 Latino-led startups for its first cohort.

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