Manual 5 - Data sources

Upload and use a database in Eskuad's panel, making form creation faster and easier. Upload databases and use them in the field to streamline operations.

 On the web panel you can upload a database, whether of suppliers, operators, materials, codes etc. With this data you will have the option to load the database into any form and assign it to the selectors that are there. This way the data will be immediately available, making form creation much faster and easier.

  1. On the web panel click "Data Sources" in the menu on the left. Click "Create New" 
    Image 1-2
  2. Choose the origin of this data. It can be by Custom API or by spreadsheet (Excel) 
    Image 2-3
  3. You enter the name of the database and upload the file.
  4. You can choose data that you don't want to be displayed and then save the information.
    Image 3-3
  5. The database will be uploaded and you can update it at any time

  6. To use this info you can then go to any form in which you need this information.

  7. Create a selector and then in "Options" select "Data Sources"
    Image 4-3
    Image 5-2
  8. Select the file you want to use if you have more than one.
    Image 6-2
  9. Select which column of the database included, in case you have more than one column with different data..  
    Image 7-2
  10. Save the information and save or update the form.
    Image 8-2
  11. Once you go to the application, the selector created will now have all the information from the database created. 
    Image 9


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