If you have a question that has a binary answer use the checkbox.

The checkbox field is a single checkbox where the person filling the form either confirms or does not confirm what is being asked.

You can use the checkbox when you have a question with a binary answer—“yes” or “no.”

Checkboxes are helpful when you want to ask a question like “is this task complete?” or “do you understand this process?” Your form will have an empty field where people can check the box and then click submit. If they don't check the box, they'll be asked to fill in their answer.

Checkbox field in form builder

Our Checkbox is a single checkbox. These checkboxes are used when there is only one option to choose from: yes/no, true/false, on/off.

The checkbox is a small square that the person filling out the form can tick to indicate that they have completed what is being asked of them. It's either true or false, such as "task complete."

Checkbox example

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