The one who joined for a big adventure

Donald founded two companies and worked in banks, airlines, and worldwide TV enterprises. Besides everything he did and does, he is super friendly.

I talked to Donald Inostroza a little more than a year ago when he first joined Eskuad as our Software Engineer. He was coming from a big company, but Eskuad and the opportunity to attend the Techstars program was something he couldn't pass.

"It's so lovely to see you again! I'm glad to keep working with people who might not have it that easy but try hard to do their best."

As I said, it's been a year since we last talked, but a lot has changed in Eskuad and his life. 

Donald and Francisca at the beach.Donald with Francisca, his daughter, at the beach.

When I heard about Donald, they told me he'd founded two enterprises, worked in banks, airlines, worldwide TV enterprises, and maybe a little more. Besides everything he is done and does, he is super friendly to talk to and work with. He found solutions to severe issues, like his work in a bank to facilitate the transfer of money and information entry, and he succeeded. He solved that tremendous problem and simplified the bank's operation for millions of Chileans.

But today, we will talk about all he and Max learned in Portland.

"It was amazing, hard to be away from the family for three months, but full of learning moments, cool people, and unforgettable experiences. I know I didn't attend all of the classes (how could I?!), but everything we did and learned led us here to have the trust of Google."

Let's be honest, Google selected us as one of the 50 chosen for the first Latino Founders Fund, and Donald, it's a big part of that great honor.

"The Google Founders Fund is not thanks to me, hahaha. The team did excellent work before I was in the company. Being an entrepreneur, it's not easy. You know Max, about his tough work method and non-traditional ways of learning the big things."

And that's the truth. I know Max, and we've been friends for a few years, and I can ASSURE YOU that he knows many important things and people, but his ways are... as my mother would say, "a way that we will remember."

"But all we did, the past and present Eskuad team, to get here is what we should be looking for; this is a huge responsibility, and the hard work can't stop."

When you talk to Donald, it's not hard to get confused. I mean, it's been a while since our last chat, but things changed. I asked about his family, beautiful daughter, and other stuff. Still, it's incredible how much Eskuad has changed in the last few months. It's hard not to talk about work when all you wanted to do in the first place was to have a coffee, a good talk, and critique the last season of Stranger Things. He hasn't watched the latest episode yet.

Donald and Francisca readingDonald with his daughter, Francisca.

There is something about this brutally honest way of talking with him that I like very much. I know about his hard work, engineering knowledge, and how good he could be to our team, but we don't have to forget that we are people. We have a favorite movie series. -I promise I will watch the last episode of Stranger things!-. And it's easy to talk about "normal" things when you are having fun.

We try to have fun as we work, learn, and make our way to offer the best solution we can build to any team. Simplify your data collection and how you work, and give you and your team a little time to enjoy or have a good laugh. That's our goal! 

We know it might be hard to have your data in order and let your team know that you are on track. We can help you make it because we remind each other daily that that's what we are; people, living people.

There is the big adventure he came to have with us, the capability of helping people with particular needs, data, formats, and order to work. We know how hard it can be to work with information everywhere, so we use our knowledge not to let people have to deal with that. 

And to give Donald a proper close, he finally watched the last episode of Stranger Things.

"I loved it! I finished it with my daughter, and in the Metallica thing -no spoilers- I was thrilled, and she did not understand my emotion. The ending was great and open, and let everything in a possibility of "anything can happen "... just like we are. Keep your eyes open, guys. Eskuad is coming!"


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