The engineer who shifts careers to pursue his dream.

Interview with our Jr. Flutter Dev, Matias Gold. How he decided to jump into a dev career to pursue his childhood dream.

So, in our team, there is one crucial thing to consider: we are human beings, and things happen to us as it happens to anyone else. The first time I interviewed/talked with Matias Gold, our Jr. Flutter Developer, it was hard not to get surprised with the first -Hi-.

-Monica! Nice to meet you. So, I have something to tell you. I'm with COVID! Hahaha-


Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 6.42.35 PMI got worried right away because of his son, Santi. But Matias immediately told me he was ok, with his parents, safe from COVID. His safety was first, and today, without COVID, it seems evident that Matias Gold is an engineer who has some things crystal clear. 

-First, we need to believe in who we are and what we can do; second, we got to work our way through the world because, third, things are not easy-.

And the reality is that COVID is not the only reason everything is getting harder. The speed at which everything moves alters our mood faster than we ever thought.

A few (lot of) years ago, his relationship with Eskuad began after meeting our CEO Max Echeverría in primary school. Those stories might be good, but we will have time to share them later. Their friendship includes music, projects, and scholar trips for kids (without many classes or education in the activity book, if you know what I mean). But, overall, being there for each other. 

Matias' life reached a point when he realized he needed to change something. So, he quit his job and tried to live the life he wanted. 

-…And that idea was a horrible big fail. I mean, it's great to be your own boss and all that, but the money you need, the time you have to put in, and all of that with a young kid, no, it wasn't for me.-

We can't always be correct in every idea, but then Eskuad came in the way.

-I wanted to move to a software career, and my idea was to help; the position didn't matter, to be honest. I knew Max's work, achievements, and the road he wanted to take. We talked about it, and I was going to help him develop and test some things we are working on. Most importantly, it would allow me to have a job I like and the time to have a fun life with my son.-

It's easy to forget the learning process when you get older and have essential responsibilities like a young person's education. But Matias, knowing his crucial role in Santi's life, does not have the time or will to forget it. He wants to learn new skills and be a better professional at what he likes the most.

-Eskuad allows me to be a better professional. What we are living with Google's Latino Founders Found is incredible. It opens the company's door in so many ways that can be overwhelming, but we are ready for it.-

It's hard for me to believe they feel prepared for such a vast opportunity. Still, his answer is simple: -We can work together, we can practice what we study, and we want to help those who need it. What else can we need?- And he is right.

Eskuad can reduce the turnaround time of field workers' information, saving precious time for you and the company you work for. The solution can let your boss, or his boss, know that something is happening in the field. Our personal life might not help you a little bit in achieving that, but what we've lived so far might lead our way to let you be right where you deserve to be.

Matias is part of Eskuad's squad, and we can't wait to digitize your operations and speed your way.

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