Process improvement and optimization in the port industry with Eskuad

Eskuad revolutionizes the port industry. This simple yet powerful digital tool has transformed port management, optimizing processes, and maximizing efficiency.

In the port industry, Eskuad has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing operational processes and efficiency across various areas. Eskuad’s digital platform has provided effective solutions that enable port companies to streamline process tracking, optimize workflows, and maintain up-to-date records of relevant data

+2,000 Data Points/Month | +20 Forms/Company | +7 Departments/Company | +40 Email Reports/Month


Processes and functionalities used

  • Machinery Maintenance:

Eskuad has been utilized to implement checklists during machinery maintenance. This enables port companies to have a more precise tracking of tasks performed, as well as identify and address issues promptly. Additionally, Eskuad facilitates the recording of machinery hour meters, aiding in the planning of preventive maintenance.

  • Fuel Logging:

The functionality of Eskuad has been leveraged to log fuel consumption at ports. Users can input the liters filled, cost, and location of fueling. This provides accurate tracking of fuel consumption and associated costs, facilitating financial management and decision-making.

  • Internal Port Operations:

Eskuad has been used to streamline the internal port moves process. The digital platform replaces the previously used paper sheets, eliminating the need for duplicate work. Now, all necessary information is available in just a minute, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors in the port moves tracking process.

  • Weighbridge Register:

Eskuad's functionality has been implemented for weighbridge registration at ports. Now, weighing data is directly entered into the platform, eliminating the need for manual records. This has improved weighing accuracy and traceability, saving time and avoiding errors.

  • HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality):

Eskuad has provided comprehensive solutions for HSEQ control and monitoring at port companies. With the platform, environmental controls, safety preventive measures, incident reports, and health monitoring can be managed and recorded. This functionality has enhanced safety and compliance with quality standards at the ports.



Benefits and results


  • Improved operational efficiency: 

    Eskuad has allowed port companies to optimize their workflows, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and streamline operational processes.

  • Greater availability of information

    Thanks to the digitization of records, data is instantly available, facilitating internal analysis and real-time decision-making.

  • Automated communication: 

    By generating automated emails, port companies can quickly inform their clients about incidents.


Ultraport's Testimony

"The application is excellent, and they keep adding new features that make it even better. It has been of great help to us, as we used to deal with the creation and reception of multiple spreadsheets and paper data, which took us a lot of time to process. But now, the quantity has decreased considerably, which has relieved the workload in the control room. With Eskuad, the information is updated minute by minute, and at the end of shifts, everything is accurately reflected. The person in charge receives the data by email immediately, which allows us to detect findings, attach photos, and send reports. In addition, we have reduced the number of emails we send, going from 4 or 5 to just 1. Now, we can focus on our tasks without having to run around with information."

Marlos Herrera
Control Room Manager in the Acid Area


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