Eskuad Shines Bright: Google Recognizes us in Economic Impact Report!

Eskuad shines in Google's Economic Impact Report, driving innovation and economic growth in Maine. Discover our contributions and commitment to excellence!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce some incredibly exciting news to our fellow innovators. Eskuad has been featured in Google's highly esteemed Economic Impact Report, shining a spotlight on the significant contributions we have made to the flourishing state of Maine. As the sole startup highlighted in the report for the State of Maine, we are deeply honored to be acknowledged as a driving force behind innovation and economic growth in the region.


Google has recognized our dynamic approach and unwavering commitment to efficiency and productivity, setting us apart from other startups in Maine's thriving sector. They have not only acknowledged our efforts but also quoted our CEO, who passionately stated, “We’re helping people work better and get home to rest instead of spending time building reports.”

This incredible recognition serves as a resounding testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and our deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact. It further ignites our motivation to push boundaries and wholeheartedly embraces cutting-edge technology continuously. Our inclusion in Google's esteemed Economic Impact Report firmly solidifies our unwavering commitment to driving economic growth, creating new job opportunities, and fostering a culture of innovation throughout Maine's economy.

We are humbled and immensely grateful for this remarkable recognition. It serves as a powerful springboard, propelling us forward to deliver exceptional value, triumph over obstacles, and spearhead groundbreaking technological advancements not only in Maine but also on a global scale.

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