Eskuad: A Game-Changer for Wladimir Avendaño in Penco's Pier.

Eskuad revolutionizes operations: automation, real-time data, and enhanced decision-making for Wladimir Avendaño, Penco's Pier.

"Eskuad has greatly simplified my work..." - Wladimir Avendaño, Operations Planner.



Before, we used to deal with paper records and had to transcribe all the information, which took a lot of time and could lead to errors. But now, thanks to Eskuad, everything is automatic and much more reliable.

We no longer rely on photos of paper sheets submitted by drivers; all the information is online and can be reviewed by the entire management team. Since we started using Eskuad in January, the application has become more robust and dependable. Additionally, we have added new functionalities that have allowed us to have better organization and data synchronization.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Eskuad is that it is not an intrusive application. After finishing their shift, users can forget about it, as it doesn't generate excessive notifications or constant interruptions. This has been well-received by our team members since they have had past experiences with other applications that overnotified.

With Eskuad's Web Panel, I can obtain all the information I need in less than 1 minute. I can view the data instantly, and the information loading is fast and efficient. I can even access the panel from my home and stay updated on what the drivers are doing.

In summary, Eskuad has greatly simplified my work as an operations planner. The application provides me with reliable, real-time information, allowing me to make informed decisions and stay aware of the drivers' activities, even when I'm not in the office.

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