Efficiency and Comfort: A Driver's Story on Eskuad at Penco's Pier.

Transform your work in Piers with Eskuad: efficiency and comfort. Testimonial from Ramón Suazo on the excellent functionality of the app.

"The application works wonders; it's truly excellent. With just a touch on the screen, I have all the necessary information to carry out cargo transfers." -Ramón Suazo, Driver at Muelles de Penco.


Muelles de Penco:

A port company located in the province of Concepción, specializing in vessel handling, storage, blending, packaging, and other services for various solid bulk and land logistics.

With a strong commitment to service quality and operational efficiency, they have incorporated new technologies and systems. Their skilled professionals are trained in these systems, enabling smooth data tracking in their day-to-day operations.

This collected data is promptly delivered to clients, providing comprehensive information for review. By eliminating the need to digitize data previously captured on paper by drivers, this streamlined approach significantly enhances efficiency.


"Previously, we had to carry a notebook and send photos of paper records, but with Eskuad! Now, everything is much easier and faster thanks to my cellphone.

Honestly, I prefer using the application on my phone since I carry it with me all the time, and it's much more convenient. I can quickly input the information, and everything is ready to be transferred! Additionally, now the management can review the data online, which speeds up processes and improves communication.

The application works wonders; it's genuinely excellent. With just a tap on the screen, I have all the necessary information for cargo transfers. It has significantly improved; now everything is faster, and I feel more skilled in using the application and doing my job. We have adapted well to the routine with Eskuad.

In summary, Eskuad has made my work much more efficient and comfortable. I no longer have to deal with paperwork and photos of paper records; everything is online and available on my cellphone."

How Eskuad improves port operations at Muelles de Penco?:

They utilize Eskuad in their main Internal Porting functions, involving cargo transportation while maintaining a constant log of each movement, including product, weight, route, etc.

This facilitates the tracking of daily data for delivery to their clients, improving time efficiency and providing detailed information ready for review while eliminating the previous need to digitize data provided by drivers on paper.

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